Usually projects and companies are willingly heading into a risk landscape they only have vague knowledge about. They do not realize the risks that are on collision course with the project, and definitely not that the risks drawn to and moving in their direction. They may not be able to remove the risk og reduce it to nothing, but they should start planning for what to do when they are hit.

The best thing would be to start looking for "Red flags" before you start the journey and proactively search for obstacles or risk on the journey.

Look for the red flags

Early in a lifecycle of a project, it should be possible to identify characteristics of the project that can warn the project manager for threats heading in the direction of the project. This is called a "red flag". When a red flag is identified there are a good reason to spend extra time with the risk analysis and go over the estimates one more time. You know this red flags can be real show stopper, and the best use of time in such situation is to try mitigate or avoid the risks. Dealing with them when they arrive, will be unnecessary expensive and far from pleasant.

Red flags is different for each client, but there are some common characteristics;

  • "We have not done this before"
  • "There are a lot of integrations to 3 party systems"
  • "We have a new partner, we have not worked together with before"
  • "Critical resources for the project is limited"
  • "Fixed price contract"
  • "Unknown risk landscape"
  • "The critical line of the project coincides with critical resources and their uncertain availability"
  • "Availability to the clients resources are limited during the project"
  • "We are requested to use a methodology we have not used before"

    A part of the EasyRisk methodology is to look for this red flag and act on them.

  • Opportunity - a positive Risk

    A basic characteristics of a project is that the effort represent unexplored opportunities AND threats you need to control. Despite of this duality, people is mainly focusing on the negative part. Project Managers needs to move from the classical "On Time, On Budget, On Scope" to "On Time, On Budget, On Value" and start looking for whats brings most value to the customer inside the framework of the project. The problem with this statement is that the 'value' have a tendency to change, and its not always so easy to measure the project against a moving target.

    EasyRisk are both visualizing and analyzing opportunities and threats.

    Enterprise Risk System For Your Business

    With SharePoint as a solid foundation, EasyRisk is being build upon your exiting solution fast and according to your needs. Be prepared for the opportunities and threats thats already are heading in your direction. The solution consists of a customization of your existing solution and a viewer that extract the risk landscape and visualize it in a risk matrix for each project, programs or portfolio. When a project is closed, the risks and it mitigations are kept and will be an important input to your lesson learn process later. The effect will be better and better risk management with less time spent every new project.

    Due to the close relationship between EasyRisk and SharePoint, you and your team will instantly be effective with the solution. You will have the complete risk picture of single protects, programs or portfolios.

    Investment you have done in infrastructure (SharePoint), training of users and access rights granted can be utilized in the solution. A well prepared customer will have a flying start with only 3 hours configuration workshop and 3 hours actual configuration and documentation. Then you are ready step into the world of controlled and anticipated risks.


    Data Security - risk evaluation

    To be compliant against the security standards (as NS7799, ISO/IEC 27001), you will need to do yearly risk evaluation of your organization. What will happen to your clients have a serious breach in security, due to your your actions? When you are adding new system to your portfolio or you change existing systems, you are supposed to check and verify that this still make you compliant to your chosen information security standard. How can we help? Just ask!

    From Earned Value to Earned Schedule

    For a professional project manager and skilled planner, Earned Value Management (EVM) should be no stranger. EVM has served the profession well for many years but even EVM need to except the force evolution and something was not all that well with EVM. To the rescue Earned Schedule (ES) arrived as a knight in shiny armor and together (EVM and ES) they ride into battle to conquest bad project reporting...


    Services Overview

    With our highly skilled and experienced risk consultants, we can ensure that you are prepared for what threats and opportunities thats heading in your way.

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